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Get Your Business Online with Seamless Web Hosting

Web Hosting Mistakes You Might Want to Avoid

Web hosting service demand is rising, expected to surpass more than 288 billion in revenue by 2030. The upwards tendency was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many businesses forced to shift towards online markets. Currently, two-thirds of small businesses run an online website. More than half of the rest do not even plan on creating one.

However, running a successful website takes time and practice. Google carefully scrutinizes websites before indexing them in its search engine results page (SERP). According to online market research, 75% of Internet users never visit the second Google results page. Moreover, the first spot guarantees an outstanding click-through rate, rapidly decreasing in lower positions.

Securing a spot in the first SERP guarantees steady and organic website traffic. But it significantly depends on your web hosting quality. This article outlines the most common web-hosting mistakes to avoid.

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