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Introducing MantisBT – a FOSS bug tracker

MantisBT, an abbreviation for Mantis Bug Tracker, is a widely-used open-source issue tracking system designed to facilitate project management and software development processes. Originally created by Kenzaburo Ito, MantisBT has evolved into a mature and feature-rich platform over the years. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for bug tracking, issue management, and collaboration within development teams. Key features include customizable workflows, which allow teams to define their own issue lifecycle stages and processes tailored to their specific needs. MantisBT also provides email notifications to keep team members informed about updates and changes, facilitating timely communication and collaboration. Moreover, its extensive plugin architecture enables users to extend its functionality and integrate with other tools and systems seamlessly. With support for multiple projects, role-based access control, and detailed reporting capabilities, MantisBT empowers teams to effectively manage their software development projects from inception to delivery while ensuring transparency, accountability, and quality assurance throughout the development lifecycle.

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How to Setup Varnish to Cache Magento 2 Sites

How to Setup Varnish to Cache Magento 2 Sites

Varnish server is a special caching application. You could install it before any web server and it would speed up time to the first byte (TTFB) significantly.

Varnish is a recommended caching solution for Magento 2 eCommerce websites.

In this article I’ll show you how to configure and set it up properly. We will be using a Debian 12 Bookworm machine for reference but the instructions could be applied to a different operating system.

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5 Things Your WordPress eCommerce Site Needs

Inventory Optimization in Ecommerce: Magento ERP Insights

Have you ever questioned how the most famous ecommerce owners manage to keep their stock exactly right? It is a very fine line that either makes or breaks an enterprise. Not a feature nowadays in the ecommerce world, inventory optimization is something you really can’t do without.

This is where the dynamic duo of Magento and the ERP systems takes center stage. They revolutionize inventory management by introducing efficiency and accuracy. This synergy is not limited to the stock control; it involves boosting customer satisfaction and also promoting profitability. However, we need to delve into the details on how this integration works and why it plays a very important role in building the successes of ecommerce.

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10 Best Email Security Practices to Avoid Data Breach

How Web Hosting and Email Marketing Unite for Online Success

Web hosting and email marketing are two important integral components that significantly contribute to the success of an online business. They both involve the storing of information and sometimes, it might be easy to confuse them with each other.

Web hosting is responsible for storing website files on a server. This includes important media files such as videos, images, HTML, CSS, and scripts; all of which help increase your search engine rankings. Email hosting, on the other hand, stores all of your email data.

In this article, we will dive deeper into learning more about how email marketing and web hosting help make your business more successful.

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