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How to Save Money on Domain Names and Renewals

A domain name provides you an entry point to the online world. You cannot build and maintain a website without a domain name. It gives an identity to your brand for which you are creating a website and your website will be known by this domain name for times to come. For instance, our domain name can be found in the address bar of this web page.

Our website is known by this name both among people like you and search engines like Google. So, a domain name becomes the identity of a website just like our names provide us our identities. It is, therefore, essential to select your domain name wisely since you cannot change it later.

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Setting up your Linux OS for productive work

The ability to be flexible is a must-have characteristic for working in any field.

Whether you’re in a technical or creative field, being able to adapt and evolve is a key component to increasing your productivity and your overall success.

Which is why it makes sense that you’d want your computer’s operating system to have the same characteristic. This is where Linux fits in.

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3 Important Facts You Should Know About Apps

Most people have a smartphone these days. It’s not just a luxury item anymore, it offers many features that can make your life simple and more convenient, and it’s one of the best investments you could make into optimizing your daily life if you don’t have one yet. At the heart of each smartphone’s ecosystem are all the apps we use on a daily basis. And while the great variety of free solutions in the app store can seem very enticing, it also comes with some strings attached that people rarely stop to consider.

The truth is that apps are not really your “friends”. They’re not made by people with your best interests in mind in most cases, even apps that are explicitly marketed as such (like self-improvement apps – in fact, they can be major offenders). If that sounds weird to you, read on – there is a darker side of the app market that you might be completely unaware of.

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