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Unveiling the Synergy Between Web Hosting and Cybersecurity Through Open Source

Websites are becoming the first, preferred, and sometimes only means of information for people increasingly relying on the internet to learn about and interact with the world. From lofty concepts to digital storefronts, leaving an impression means building a memorable, intuitive, and secure website. Ordinary users might not pay much attention to the security aspect. Still, the pretty facades would easily crumble without it.

Intertwining cybersecurity concepts and tools with hosting practices is integral for creating and maintaining safe and successful websites. This article touches on various protective measures that secure the sites themselves, their environment, and the data they may process. Open-source developments advance this relationship. Read on to learn how.

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List of All EIG (Newfold Digital) Hosting Providers and Why You Should Avoid Them

Endurance International Group (EIG) stands as a titan in the web hosting industry, not for its stellar service or commitment to customer satisfaction, but rather for its relentless acquisition spree and the subsequent decline in quality across its vast portfolio of hosting brands. Founded in 1997, EIG has morphed into a conglomerate notorious for its cutthroat tactics and profit-driven approach, leaving a trail of disgruntled customers and tarnished reputations in its wake.

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