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Must-Have Tools for Copywriters

must have tools for copywriters

Did you know that the average salary of a copywriter is about $44,000 per year? The highest paid copywriters get six figures each year. However, to demand such pay, copywriters need to have a specific set of skills that catapult their content to make sales.

Copywriting and content marketing is a combination of science and creativity.  You must select the right words, have a robust sounding cadence and give an appeal to readers, or else they might never read it regardless of how useful your information is. With the right adjectives and sentence structure, you will get users to read and buy their products. And that doesn’t mean that copywriters shouldn’t have skills unrelated to their profession, like learning how to use tools with the use of which the content is published, like the most popular blog software for copywriters – WordPress and its plugins.

There are a couple of tools that you can use to blog that will improve both your writing and your strategy. It will allow you to get better responses and attract more traffic which means more money for you.

Here are a couple of the best blogging/copywriting tools and tips on how they can improve your readability and traffic.

Yoast SEO

One of the first tools employers ask is whether you have experience with Yoast SEO. It allows you to improve both your readability and SEO.

Using it as a tool allows you to improve your SEO score and your keyword placement issues. It allows you to set your target keywords, page slug and meta description which will evaluate everything on your page and let you know whether it holds up with search engines or not. The best part about it is that it not only tells you about what you are doing wrong but also shows you how you can improve. Because of the importance of keywords when users are searching for content, this tool is quite essential.

If your post has an orange or green ranking, you are confident that you will get a high traffic than similar websites that have a red-level ranking. It tells you if your sentences are too long, if you have a passive voice and when your paragraphs are too long. The reviews of this software will show you just how essential this tool is for your copywriting jobs.


Yoast is perfect for readability with WordPress posts. However, if you do not have WordPress, you need a tool that will help with your other marketing techniques like email campaigning. That is where Hemingway comes in. It is a free tool that you can also download as your desktop app.

All you need to do is enter your text in the exact format it will appear to your customers, and it will color code all the areas that can be improved. It will show you the sentences that are too long, passive voice and phrases that could be simpler. It allows you to attract your readers because your sentences will be shorter, punchy, and straightforward. Your sentence structure will also be better and trim to the bare bone.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Headlines are tricky to get. For most writers, writing the headline takes a lot longer than writing the entire post. This does not help since headlines are the essential part of the whole post. Without a catchy headline, people will not click so you will not get traffic which will translate to less income for you.

This headline analyzer is excellent because it evaluates how common your headline is, how good it will be at attracting people’s emotions and how much power it has behind it. It will also do a character and word count. All this data will be combined, and you will know how compelling the headline is.

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools

This tool checks your articles and whether or not parts of them are already published somewhere else. It’s an easy way of checking for plagiarism or if something was copied from a different website. This is common if you’re writing about a topic that’s widely covered online, you may accidentally write something identical that’s already been published, and you should avoid that. Another common scenario is checking if the content was plagiarised when you’re reviewing articles written by freelance writers at sites like Upwork or essays bought from sites like PapersOwl Australia. Basically, anything that hasn’t been written by you. Though it’s rare that people plagiarise and copy content in essays or professionally written articles, it’s still a useful tool to use just to be 100% sure.

Word counter

It is yet another free tool that is accessible online. It allows you to copy and paste your text and it will:

  • Count the characters and words
  • Show you the keywords recommended based on the text you have pasted
  • Demonstrate your keyword density

Unlike Yoast, this tool shows you if there are words or phrases that you are using too often. You may have some issues with finding keywords. However, if your content has repetitive words that are not related to the keyword, the content will not bring in traffic from your target audience. It tells you when your content needs some shaking up, which is great.

Unsuck it

While your audience wants to know all that tech information, they want to understand it. This can be difficult if the phrases used are too complex to understand. This software makes it easier for you to get the information you need.

It will define jargon and give you synonyms and a couple of jokes that you can throw in to make your content more fun.

Even if you do not find the words you are looking for, you will know which ones you should have in your thesaurus.

Conclusion on tools for copywriters and bloggers

Copywriting is difficult. However, these tools can help you make your content more interesting. The best thing about them is that they are not expensive. They will help you get more traffic to your site.

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