Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between
Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between

SkySilk Cloud Services Announces the Official Launch of its VPS Hosting Platform

skysilk launches vps platform

On September 1st, SkySilk Cloud Services announced their brand new VPS cloud platform is live and available to the public. SkySilk provides a simple cloud infrastructure to create Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which can be used to host websites, applications, game servers, private storage, and more.

SkySilk’s beta testing period began in early 2017 and garnered more than 20,000 users, with over 20,000 VPSs deployed. In coincidence with the official launch, SkySilk is offering a reward bonus to all those that sign up early of 500 “SkyPoints” ($5.00 value). SkyPoints are a form of “cash-back” rewards which you can use for Pre-paid gift cards and account credit. In addition to early sign up rewards, SkySilk VPS pricing starts as low as $1/month.

What does SkySilk have to offer?

As previously mentioned, SkySilk is a cloud computing provider that offers simple, reliable, scalable, and overall affordable cloud computing solutions. The available resource plans and their price points provide innate flexibility, making SkySilk suitable for a variety of user groups. Developers, website owners, small to mid-sized businesses, IT professionals, and even students looking to utilize cloud computing in their everyday workflows will benefit from the platform.

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Deploying a VPS in just 1 click

SkySilk provides a library of more than 40 different Turnkey Linux applications and developer tools which can be pre-installed and configured on a VPS with just 1 click. These apps include WordPress, OpenVPN, NodeJS, Redmine, Nextcloud, and many more options for various use-cases. SkySilk also offers a variety of the most popular Linux distros for more hands-on control and clean OS environments for users to deploy. These include popular OSs like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and more. As stated previously, any of these tools can be hosted for as low as $1/month.

Affordable VPS hosting plans with a variety of hardware options

SkySilk’s VPS pricing is certainly an enticing aspect to the platform. There are three tiers which differ in hardware specs that one can choose from when creating a VPS. These include Basic, Standard, and Premium. The pricing for these tiers starts at $1 for Basic, $2 for Standard, and $5 for Premium.

skysilk plans

Additionally, each tier has roughly a dozen resource plans to choose from which range anywhere from 1 VCPU, 512 MB RAM, and 10 GB SSD up to 40 VCPU, 320 GB RAM, and 5 TB SSD. The differences which are most noteworthy between the tiers are the amount of bandwidth, type of RAM, and the inclusion of backups/snapshots. Every plan comes standard with 3 Gbps DDoS protection and SSD storage.

What’s different about the hardware behind premium?

One of the tiers which SkySilk offers is named “Premium”. Similar to what other platforms may call “Optimized” VPS, SkySilk Premium offers upgrades in nearly every hardware category. First and foremost, Premium hosting offers AMD EPYC Server optimized CPU which has heightened silicon-level security and a powerful design which can handle larger workloads. In conjunction with AMD CPU, NVMe SSD is also available on premium machines, allowing for much faster storage and data processing.

In addition to optimized hardware, premium plans also boast up to 1 GB bandwidth, unlimited transfer, free backups & snapshots, and a 2×100 Gb/s Ethernet network backbone. Premium plans can be hosted starting at just $5/month.

Architected with powerful open-source software solutions

On the back-end, SkySilk utilizes a variety of different open source solutions. First on this list is Ceph storage. Ceph is a software-defined storage which makes deployment flexible, and allows for faster hardware upgrades. Ceph storage also self-heals and auto redistributes data in case of a fault, making the system self-maintaining.

SkySilk also puts the Proxmox Virtual Environment behind VPS management. Proxmox is an open-source solution which allows for the deployment and management of virtual machines and containers.

VPS Boosts

Another unique feature of SkySilk that isn’t to be overlooked is VPS “Boosts”. Boosts are essentially a simple, and cost-effective solution to scaling a VPS. However, unlike traditional scaling, it’s not permanent. Boosts will increase both VCPU and RAM performance for 24 hours at a time for a small fraction of the cost of permanently scaling your machine. This is perfect for instances such as compiling code, testing an application, or all around providing a solution for data-intensive (and also short-term) tasks.

A unique rewards program with “SkyPoints”

“SkyPoints” essentially act as a cash-back rewards system which are earned on per-transaction bases. 100 SkyPoints are equivalent to a $1.00 cash-back value.

SkyPoints are rewarded every month to each user based on their usage for that month. All Standard VPS plans earn 1x SkyPoints where Premium VPS plans earn 10x the amount of SkyPoints. For instance, if a Premium VPS costs $10/month you’ll earn 100 Points, effectively earning 10% back on your cost.

All users will also be able to take advantage of referrals in order to earn 2500 SkyPoints (a $25.00 value) and in effect, give their friend a $10.00 account credit to start with.

The SkySilk Mobile Cloud App

In close succession to the launch of the platform, the SkySilk mobile cloud app will also be available to iOS users for free download. The app will share the same functionality as the desktop website and with an added layer of security with touch ID and face ID integration. You can deploy, manage, and monitor your VPS, along with implementation of mobile SSH and VNC consoles.

Thorough testing, a mobile cloud app, community, and more.

Going back to the beta testing period which started in early 2017, SkySilk has since been able to mitigate any potential issues and fortify the platform’s security measures to protect from viruses, DDoS attacks, hacking, torrenting, and any other malicious server activity that would otherwise affect its users. Furthermore, SkySilk has had the opportunity to build a community around its users with initiatives like creating a Discord server and community forums. The Discord server is active on a daily basis and currently filled with hundreds of legitimate (and verified) SkySilk users. This gives freedom to their users to suggest any improvements towards the service, receive technical advice, suggest features they would like to see implemented, and share their own projects hosted on the platform.

Overall, SkySilk is a versatile cloud computing platform which can fit within essentially any budget. The team is routinely pushing new features, hardware updates, and plans to expand upon data center locations in the near future. SkySilk Cloud Services can be found at

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