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What is WordPress and How Can Writers Use It?

WordPress is a completely free open source content management system. It is used to design websites, apps, and blogs. Web hosting is one of the common uses of WordPress, it refers to allowing an individual or organization to post a website or a web page on the internet. Web hosting gives you access to a web server which stores, your web files and shares your data with the whole world.

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How to Deploy a WordPress Website on Cloudways

We are living in a tech-dominated world. Whether you sell t-shirts or are a CEO of a bank, you need to embrace technology with open arms.

As a business in today’s world, it is very likely that your online presence involves WordPress. If that’s the case, you might want to opt for managed hosting.

This article will help you deploy WordPress on Cloudways – a managed hosting service.

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5 Things to Check to Ensure Your WordPress is Secure

Many people and companies have WordPress websites owing to the fact that WordPress websites are highly visible on the internet and are very convenient to use. Nevertheless, for the exact reasons that WordPress websites have huge internet visibility, and that WordPress is an open source script – WordPress websites may become vulnerable to brute force attacks – or hacker attacks.

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