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Best Odoo Hosting Providers – Detailed 2023 Comparison

best odoo hosting

Odoo is quite a resource-heavy application, so people usually have trouble finding a suitable hosting provider. Not only that, but you can’t really run Odoo on shared hosting – so the choice gets a little thinner.

We started using Odoo as our main CRM and it’s going great. It’s easy to use, has a lot of features and modules. And it’s fast if you choose the right hosting provider. You obviously know what Odoo is if you’re looking at this post

We did all the hard work for you – tested dozens of providers that we thought were suitable for hosting Odoo on, and we compared the best here.

It all depends on your needs, but some hosting providers are universally “good for Odoo”, and others are not. We’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

Quick read:

Best hosting for Odoo if you know what you are doing – Vultr.

Best hosting if you are a beginner or enterprise – SolaDrive.

Odoo hosting (server) requirements

These can be your guidelines when choosing a hosting provider for Odoo. The hosting plan must meet all these requirements. Some “must-haves” are Python and PostgreSQL. Which is the main reason why Odoo doesn’t run on shared hosting. There are other software requirements too, depending on what features of Odoo you want to use. But consult your hosting provider or the tutorial you’re following for other software dependencies.

As for actual server specs, we categorized them into 3 categories. There are no official requirements or guidelines from Odoo. We came to these results by testing and benchmarking some cloud servers for us and our clients.

Minimal usage

This category fits the Odoos that have no more than 10 users at a time. So if you’re a small company and you don’t have many apps, data or users actually using Odoo, the server requirements are:

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Any plan would meet other requirements for storage and bandwidth

So obviously, you can even use Odoo on a 1GB RAM VPS with a single CPU core, but the performance will be terrible.

Medium usage

When 10-50 users start using the Odoo, you should look at some bigger server plans.

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Any plan would meet other requirements for storage and bandwidth

One thing to note is that you don’t have to strictly follow these requirements. So if you had 11 users, you could easily fit them into the minimal requirements plan.

High usage

This is what most enterprises would need. With hundreds of users at a time, with dozens of modules, you need better server plans:

  • 6+ CPU cores
  • 12+ GB RAM
  • Any plan would meet other requirements for storage and bandwidth

This is the minimum. You should always get a better plan if you can. Especially if you’re an enterprise and can afford a slightly more expensive hosting plan.

When the usage gets “extreme”, as it usually does when hundreds of people use Odoo, you should contact a developer or a Linux server management company and let them optimize Odoo for you. You can even split Odoo in more than a single server

Best Odoo hosting providers

So based on our requirements and guidelines, there are quite a few hosting providers that will meet those requirements. However, we’d split the hosting providers into 2 categories: managed and unmanaged.

  • You should get a managed server provider if you are a beginner, and don’t have anyone at your company that can install and manage Odoo on your server. By using a managed server, you can let your hosting provider install Odoo for you, monitor your servers, optimize them etc.
  • You should get an unmanaged server if you are an expert and know what you are doing. So you are expected to configure the server itself, secure it, monitor it, maintain it, install Odoo, optimize it, and basically do everything on the server yourself. An alternative is to get an unmanaged server and a cheap server maintenance plan from a server management company. We have tutorials on how to install Odoo on CentOS and Ubuntu

Best fully managed Odoo hosting providers (Cloud/VPS)

So let’s start with the managed providers. There aren’t many quality managed server providers to choose from, but the following are the best ones you can find for Odoo.

HostCoupon/DiscountPrice Per Month (with discount)RAMCPU CoresStorage (SSD)Bandwidth24/7 SupportManagement LevelOdoo ManagementFull Root Access
SolaDrive25% lifetime$413GB875GB3000GBYesFully ManagedYesYes
LinuxFox80% off first month$54GB260GB5000GBYesFully ManagedYesYes
KualoSave 15% by pre-paying for a year$852GB240GB5000GBYesFully ManagedYesNo

This comparison table had more hosting providers listed in the past, but as we received more feedback and did more detailed research, it came down to these options. If you have any recommendations for Odoo hosting providers, contact us or leave a comment below and we’ll check if we can add them to our recommended Odoo hosts.

We listed plans that would (almost) meet the minimum requirement for Odoo so the comparison works better, but they obviously have larger plans more suitable for higher requirements.

We’d like to single out SolaDrive in our managed Odoo hosting providers list. They are a great fit because they will install Odoo for you, optimize your server, and they have high-availability setups available. Meaning that they can “split” your Odoo into two servers. They speciailze in enterprise solutions. If you’re looking for the most support for Odoo that you can get from a managed VPS provider, then go with SolaDrive. We have an exclusive 35% lifetime discount for SolaDrive.

Another option is LinuxFox. You can read our review here. The review is detailed and explains everything you need to know. They will install Odoo for you and they offer 24/7 managed support. The pricing is affordable and cheap, especially with our exclusive coupon.

Best unmanaged Odoo hosting providers (Cloud/VPS)

Now let’s compare the unmanaged cloud hosting providers for Odoo. They are noticeably cheaper, at least compared to Managed providers, but you won’t get any support from the hosting provider.

An alternative is to get an unmanaged hosting plan, and then buy server management services that will manage your servers, or contact them to install Odoo for you.

We only compared plans that (almost) meet the minimum requirements for Odoo. These hosting plans are easily scalable (with a couple of clicks) and they have a wide range of options for resource-intensive applications. In other words, they also have plans that would meet the high requirements of an enterprise-level Odoo.

HostPrice Per MonthRAMStorage (SSD)BandwidthCPU CoresPromo/Coupon
Hostinger$12.992 GB40 GB2 TB2Up to 70% off
Linode$102 GB50 GB 2 TB1Get $20 Free Credits
Vultr$102 GB55 GB 2 TB1Get Up To $100 Free Credits
DigitalOcean$102 GB50 GB 2 TB1Get $25 Free Credits
RamNode$282 GB42 GB 4 TB410% Lifetime Discount
DreamHost$122 GB80 GB Unlimited1100 GB Free Block Storage
Kamatera$62 GB20 GB5 TB130-Day Free Trial
ZAP-Hosting$4.272 GB25 GBUnlimited220% Lifetime
OVH$4.472 GB10 GB Unlimited1$200 free credits
Amazon LightSail$102 GB60 GB 3 TB1N/A
Hawk Host$102 GB40 GB2 TB125% Lifetime Discount
Scala Hosting$102 GB50 GB2 TB120% one time
iWebFusion$9.384 GB20 GB1.5 TB1$4 Off Your Order
UpCloud$102 GB50 GB2 TB1$25 Free Credits
SkySIlk$2.502 GB30 GB1 TB1$10 Free Credits
InterServer$62 GB30 GB1 TB1$0.01 For The First Month
Host Havoc$142 GB30 GB (NVMe)Unlimited17% Lifetime Discount
Fusion Arc Hosting$24.992 GB50 GB1 TB1First Month Free
Cloudzy$9.952 GB30 GB (NVMe)3 TB2
Kinsta$402 GB1
SupportHost$17.992 GB40 GB20 TB2Get 10% off

If you still can’t decide and had to choose one, we recommend getting a hosting plan from Vultr.

Do you use any of these hosting providers? What do you use for hosting Odoo? Feel free to leave a comment below, and please include information such as how many users the Odoo has, what kind of a server it is (RAM, CPU) etc.

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