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your own short custom links

How to Shorten Your Links With Your Own Domain

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Demo of YOURLS admin interface (stats, reports)
Demo of YOURLS admin interface (stats, reports)

Maybe you are tired of using or or maybe you just want your own branded short links. You can shorten your own links (for free!) on your own domain using YOURLS. It’s a free and open source, self-hosted, link-shortening application. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install YOURLS on CentOS and shorten your links with a custom domain. You can either use your own server (VPS) or a Shared hosting account. We have instructions for both scenarios.

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centos vs ubuntu server

CentOS vs Ubuntu: Which one is better for a server

Finally decided to get a VPS but can’t decide which Linux distro to use? We’ve all been there. The choice may even be overwhelming, even for Linux distros, considering all the different flavors and distros that are out there. Though, the two most widely used and most popular server distros are CentOS and Ubuntu. This is the main dilemma among admins, both beginners and professionals. Having experience with both (and more) distros, we decided to do a comparison of CentOS and Ubuntu when used for a server.

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