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rename file in linux

Flavors of Freedom: Choosing Your Ideal Linux Distribution

Are you tired of being locked into a Windows or Mac environment? Do you want a lightweight and stable operating system with seemingly limitless customization potential? Linux and its countless distributions offer all that and more.

But how do you choose the right distro among hundreds? We’ve created several criteria and highlighted the top choices for each so you can pick the optimal distribution with confidence.

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is Linux safer than Windows and macOS

Is Linux Safer Than Windows and macOS?

Cybersecurity is extremely important – now more than ever. If you start to do research, however, you’ll find a debate going on about which operating system is the safest. These days, more IT professionals and companies are preaching the benefits of Linux systems. There are definitely some security advantages to the platform. But like everything in the computer world, so much comes down to user training. Even if you have a very secure platform, a virus can still be a problem. So let’s take a look at Linux and some of the advanced security measures you need to take.

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