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Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between

Free Business Opportunity for Leads Generation in Live Chat

Free Business Opportunity for Leads Generation in Live Chat

In this article, we’ll explore how to get leads in a live chat

Most web hosting companies, and companies related to web hosting, have a live chat. This guide will help you communicate better with your potential customers and get more out of your live chat.

How to identify customer needs in a chat?

Live chats work in real-time, which is a powerful and sure way to build relationships with a client. The customers will have a feeling that they are chatting with a friend instead of a robot or a slow-responding worker, so there is a higher chance that they will open up to you. This means talking about the product in a direct manner, which makes it easier to outline the issues. Real time lead generation can boost sales and is an important tool for businesses.

Below we outline how to make real time leads in an online live chat for a website, like

Stages of sales in correspondence in an online chat on the website

Prospecting, qualifying and making contact.

If you need a lead, you must filter out the clients that will not be the good choice for what you offer. Finding potential clients is the first and likely the most important step. Offering your company’s products and services to the people chatting with you is easy since there is no need to search for them. You will need to identify whether the client can become a potential user for what you offer. You must also find out what they need, so be sure to ask questions. Identifying the issues that can be solved by your product is very important.

The contact is already made, so what is left is to make the sales pitch.


This is the most important step after identifying the lead. You must present the product or services you offer in a manner that clearly shows how it solves the issues the client faces. No one is going to wait for you for too long, so it is important to be fast and precisely demonstrate how the product will improve the operations, fix the issues and overall produce impressive results leaving the competition behind.

Addressing objections.

Live chats involve direct and relatively fast-paced communication. This means that you must be ready to talk about the potential issues and address the reasons that might prevent the potential customers from buying your product or using your services.

The client can be put off by the costs (in this case you should explain the reasons why the product costs what it does, and how it justifies the price), compatibility (if you did your research, you must know how to address this).

Obviously, it is impossible to be ready to deal with any objection but providing an honest and being on-point will help tremendously.

Profitable compliments

Be friendly with the client but don’t act overly familiar. It is still a professional setting, so be respectful.

  • Greet the customer.
  • Make sure to let them know if you need time to research
  • Keep your responses simple, yet detailed.

9 out of 10 sellers never do this in an online chat on the site

There are things that are the “big no-no” for professional sellers. Make sure you don’t repeat these mistakes.

Not focusing on the solution you offer.

Inexperienced sellers are often trying to talk about interesting features of their product but this is the wrong strategy. Instead, focusing on how it will solve issues and problems is better. The potential clients are rarely interested in how you do it, they want to know what you can do.

Here is an example on how to do it right:

Our product can streamline the workflow of your company, our clients mention an average 30% improvement in the speed of data processing and a higher level of client satisfaction.

Focusing on price instead of value.

You are always selling the value of the product. Even if the product or services do not cost much, the worthy prospect will be more interested in its real value. Those who are attracted but low prices are likely to go to your competitor with a heavier discount. They are not the kind of long-term clients you want to have.

How to warm up the client’s interest in online chat on the website

In the case of live chat communication, a potential client is likely already interested in the product or services to a certain degree. This means that while some warming up is needed, it is not comparable to the “cold calls’ strategy.

First, it is better to understand the type of client you are talking to. Some are interested in factual information that they can check and understand. The others will want to know more about your company. Some will be keen to address the issues, so you must be prepared (as was mentioned elsewhere in the article). It is also important to be able to directly explain the day-to-day benefits of using your product or services.

Acceleration of the transaction cycle in online chat on the website

Online live chats open the door for the ways to quickly finish the sales. This significantly speeds up the process and overall sales cycle. Everything is done quickly but there is room to make it even faster.

But the opportunities should be balanced, and risk management is a crucial factor.

The image below shows the possible advantages and related risks.

chat live chat

What are the mistakes of communicating with clients in a chat?

Last but not the least, there are also mistakes directly related to chatting with a client, instead of those described above that cover the sales-related issues. Be sure to not repeat them in a lead generation live chat.

Arguing with the client

This must be obvious but even experienced salespeople do argue with the clients sometimes. Even when you think that the objections are illogical, you must stay polite and respectful.

Not concentrating on closing the sale

Focusing on communication is obviously important and this whole article covers how to do so, but some operators are more interested in interactions instead of actually closing the sale. Do not repeat this mistake, your goal is to turn a prospect into a lead.

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