Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between
Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between

An Introduction to Security & Basic Tips for Beginner Web Designers and Developers

security and random tips for web developers/designers

Authentication is an important component making it possible to access user data. It’s impossible to skip authentication when designing a product. Even if you are working on an application for searching and creating music, it will be really bad if an attacker logs in as a user, finds out about his or her preferences or steals the created composition.

Careful attitude to the data and verification of their correctness is the key to peace of mind and customer trust.

All modern applications have their own currency or other methods of monetization. Web designers who develop sites in WordPress, Wix, etc. get information through a connection that may be intercepted by someone else for fraud purposes. The security created with products such as the ones from NordVPN is one of the main criteria for evaluating the results of a web designer, as well as the first step to properly securing their workflow.

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Do Web Designers Need to Use a VPN?

Often, when you visit a site, you can see a message – access to the resource is denied. This happens for various reasons: the most popular one is the site being blocked by the provider or the country authorities. Access to a resource can be blocked for a specific user or users only, for example, for users from a certain country.

As a result, certain tools have been created making it possible for users to bypass access restrictions or protect themselves online, one of which is called a VPN. Using a VPN, it will be impossible to find out your data/location, since all requests come from the VPN service.

What Web Developers Should Pay Attention to Beside Security

Now people use mobile devices more than stationary computers. Therefore, two main factors should be taken into account when designing a mobile site version:

  • First, create a mobile/responsive version to optimize the display of the site on small devices;
  • Don’t simplify the design too much, the exclusion of some elements on mobile devices can adversely affect user behavior

It doesn’t matter that your site works great if it looks awful. If you are developing websites, then you need to make sure your projects look fantastic; your main task is to attract the users.

For website improvement, you need to:

  • Use the A/B testing method;
  • Look for inspiration on sites you find appealing to upgrade your style.
  • If you have a multi-page site, then add as many items to the menu as necessary. The key to the successful implementation of this task is as follows:
    • Use several level menus if you need to link to a large number of pages.
    • Separate links into categories to make it easy for the users to find them.
    • Make sure all links are legible.
    • Extensive menus can be intimidating if you are visiting a site for the first time, but no more than trying to find content without them.

And these are some of the basic/random tips to get you started. You should continue doing your own research. The web design/development content online is vast, you can find a plethora of resources to help you get started.

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