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WordPress security guidelines

4 Approaches to Embracing Privacy in Marketing

It’s undeniable that technology is constantly developing, but with the advancement of technology come many societal changes. While one group of people enjoyed the fact that they were receiving ads that were highly relevant to them, others felt frightened about how much these companies knew about them.

Over time, people became concerned about the different ways in which devices collect our personal information. For example, some research shows that almost 80% of internet users feel as if they have lost control over their personal data.

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Best WordPress Hosting

How to Create a Winning WordPress Homepage

Businesses must have an online presence to grow and reach more potential customers; the website is essential to building such an online presence. WordPress is the most popular platform for doing so, supporting millions of active websites.

It isn’t easy to stand out in such a crowded market, and designing an attractive homepage is crucial because it is where users first land after clicking a search link. This article offers the best tips on creating a successful WordPress homepage to leave a lasting impression.

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WordPress burnt on wood

Striving to Become a Professional WordPress Blogger? Keep These 6 Things in Mind

Starting a blog has never been easier. Thanks to WordPress, you can set up your blog in minutes with a few clicks and minimal technical knowledge. But, there are a few things that separate professional bloggers that make money from those that don’t.

Here are six things to keep in mind if you’re striving to become a professional WordPress blogger:

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How To Create an Impressive Website in Terms of Design and Functionality

How To Create an Impressive Website in Terms of Design and Functionality

The web market is steadily increasing. With dozens of websites being added as you read this article, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out among the masses. Fortunately, understanding what it takes to design a visually pleasing website is not that hard.

Granted, an impressive web design is, to a large extent, a combination of both function and form. Anyone can turn a website’s home page into something attractive. But it should also be easy to navigate and perform well for various visitors. Good websites are engaging, functional, and useful.

By following some simple pointers, you can create a website that is visually pleasing and inspires viewers to become loyal brand advocates.

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