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5 Online Security Measures to Instantly Up Your Cybersecurity

One of the immutable facts of 21st-century life and a life lived online is that we, as well-meaning users of the internet and internet-connected hardware, are vulnerable. The vastness of cyberspace and the relatively few people who truly understand how to navigate and exploit its protocols mean that there are ample pickings when it comes to theft, intimidation, and exploitation. The cybersecurity threats we face online are constantly growing and changing, and so living and doing business online requires vigilance. With that in mind, below are 5 online security measures to instantly up your cybersecurity in 2021.

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4 Types of Malware and How to Remove Them

Malware is a broad concept used to designate myriad different malicious programs that are surreptitiously placed on a person’s computer without their knowledge or consent. Their intentions and seriousness vary, but for business owners and individuals alike, having a computer infected with malware can be not only incredibly unsettling and annoying but financially ruinous. Below are 4 types of malware and how to remove them.

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Using Proxies for Email Protection

Web proxies have been around for some time now. They can be used in many different ways and come with lots of variety. Even so, many businesses and professionals still don’t understand what they are about. Before we get into that, let’s first explain what proxies are.

Proxies are web servers that act as gateways between the internet user and the address they interact with. Simply put, when you connect online using a proxy, all of the information goes through the proxy before reaching its final destination.

Proxies act on behalf of the user – they are the buffer zone between you and the internet. But what actually happens when you go online, and how is it different when using proxies? Here’s what you need to know.

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