Ubuntu 18.10 – Download Links, Release Date, Features & More

Ubuntu 18.10 will be released this October, and we already have information about the new Ubuntu’s features, changes, release date, and more.

Some of you requested an article for 18.10 like we did one for Ubuntu 18.04, so here it is. Though it’s still relatively early, there is some information available about the new features, what will be changed, the name, and more.

Download Ubuntu 18.10

The daily builds of Ubuntu 18.10 are already available for download, so if you’d like to start testing the new Ubuntu, download it via the button below.

Download Ubuntu 18.10 – Daily Builds

Ubuntu 18.10 Release Date

There’s still no specific information about the exact release date and schedule (we’ll update this as soon as there is), but Ubuntu 18.10 will be released in October, specifically October 18th, 2018.

New Features and Changes in Ubuntu 18.10

This release is named “Cosmic Cuttlefish” and has major changes. Here’s a list of all the new features in 18.10:

New Default Theme

Communitheme, the theme that was originally developed for Ubuntu 18.04, will be the new default theme in 18.10. This is a whole new, fresh look to Ubuntu. The developers are still working on the theme and there may be more changes and style updates. As of Late July 2018, Communitheme is known by its new name – Yaru.

GNOME 3.30

The newest version of GNOME, 3.30, is scheduled for release this September, which means it’s likely that Ubuntu 18.10 will use the newest version of GNOME, though this still hasn’t been confirmed.

Android Integration by Default

Ubuntu 18.10 will likely ship with an Android integration app by default. GSconnect will be installed by default, which means that you’ll be able to integrate your Ubuntu 18.10 with your Android phone – this enables viewing phone notifications on your desktop, transferring files, and more.

Linux Kernel 5.0

The new Kernel version (5.0) is scheduled for release this year, most probably before the official release of Ubuntu 18.10, which makes it a perfect candidate for 18.10. Again, nothing has been confirmed yet. Although a new major version number, there won’t be any major changes or new features in the kernel.

Low Bandwidth Mode in 18.10

Although already available, it may be more accessible and easier to find. You can enable a “low bandwidth” mode on Ubuntu 18.10 to save data. This is especially useful if your internet provider has a bandwidth cap, or if you’re using your mobile phone’s data.

Other honorable mentions

There are other “minor” changes and updates in 18.10 worth mentioning:

  • The development team is exploring options for improving the laptop battery life
  • Snaps will be improved – faster boot time, better looks
  • Faster booting. They worked on this for 18.04. Boot time should be even faster in 18.10
  • Better support for multiple monitors
  • You may be able to unlock 18.10 with a fingerprint scanner
  • and a lot more improvements and bug fixes

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FAQs About Ubuntu 18.10

Browse through our FAQs (with answers!) about 18.10 or leave a comment below and ask any questions you have.

How long is the support for 18.10?

It’s 9 months. So Ubuntu 18.10 will reach EOL on July 2019.

Should I switch my servers to 18.10?

No. Even if it’s already officially released. It’s much better to use an LTS for your servers. So use Ubuntu 18.04 instead.

When will I be able to update from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 18.10?

If you do it manually, whenever you feel like it. Just download the daily build and start testing. If not, wait for the official release. You can upgrade to a development release (-d) with the following command:

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

How can I help with the development of Ubuntu 18.10?

First of all, every bit helps. You don’t have to be a developer to help. You can help by translating, spreading the word, and donating. You can help by simply using the 18.10 release and reporting any bugs you come across.

Is Ubuntu 18.10 an LTS release?

No. Which is why it’s not recommended for servers.

Can I try Ubuntu 18.10 without installing it?

Yep. You can use a VirtualBox and create a virtual desktop (you can use VirtualBox on Windows too). You can also create a live CD/USB and try it out without installing it.

Or after it’s released you can try an 18.10 server at Vultr for $2.5 per month. It’s essentially free if you use some free credits.

Anything we missed or you found out about Ubuntu 18.10?

Leave a comment below or contact us and let us know, please. Thanks!

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