Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between
Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between

Why WordPress Hosting Is Better Than a Simple Web Hosting Package?

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If you plan to launch a WordPress website of your own or want to improve the one you already have, understanding the difference between regular web and WordPress hosting is a must.

WordPress is the single most popular website building platform that powers over 38% of the Internet. Ultimately, any hosting can support a WordPress website. But if that’s the case, why does specialized WordPress hosting exist? And what’s so special about it?

WordPress Hosting Vs. Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?

First of all, you need to understand that WordPress hosting is not exactly a type of hosting. Instead, it’s a type of service package. This means that you can get dedicated, VPS, or shared WordPress hosting the same way you can get regular web hosting of those types. The difference lies in how the servers used for the websites are programmed and managed.

It is that simple.

WordPress hosting is simply designed to cater specifically to the platform’s needs. As such it offers a greater functionality and efficiency for these websites. In essence, it’s like a well-tailored suit that’s made to fit you perfectly. Therefore, the main reason to seek out the best web hosting for WordPress as opposed to general hosting is to get the maximum value for your money. It will provide you with not only all essential hosting services but also additional perks.

The perks can vary depending on the hosting provider. However, any type of WP hosting will at the very least offer greater speed and security. Even a shared server of this kind will host only WordPress websites. Therefore, it will be easier for the administrators to allocate server resources and monitor their usage. This alone will reduce downtime and ensure better site performance overall.

As services and support for these servers are tailored to WordPress specifically, they are more efficient. This means that even if some issue does occur, it will be easier for professionals to fix and get all websites up and running.

What Does a WordPress Hosting Account Offer?

WordPress hosting providers often offer some great add-ons and extra resources to “sweeten the package”. These specific offers can vary greatly. For example, you can find packages with extra PHP memory, automatic updates, one-click installation and access to specific themes and plugins, etc.

That said, the basic benefits of WP hosting should be the same across all offers. These advantages include:

  • Better security.
    People are losing millions of dollars every year due to different types of cybercrimes. Therefore, every website owner must understand that installing the best security measures is a must. However, it’s very hard to protect your site when you use shared hosting. There are some specialized tools that help secure WordPress websites, but they aren’t 100% effective. WP hosting uses servers that are protected from WordPress-specific threats. Therefore, you get an additional layer of security from the start. Also, as they are configured for this platform, it will be easier to integrate other security solutions and SSL certificates.
  • Easy set-up and management.
    Usually, you would get WP hosting with all essential WordPress software pre-installed. It will also come with pre-configured settings to make the set-up even easier. Therefore, this type of hosting is the best for beginners. Note that it will also be easier to migrate a WP website to WordPress hosting.
  • Better speeds.
    “Speed is a killer” says a marketing guru Neil Patel. And he’s right as page loading speed is an essential factor not only for keeping visitors interested in your site but also for Google ranking. As WordPress hosting servers are optimized for maximum performance, they will provide you with the best possible speed. Simply put, if you can’t afford a dedicated server or even VPS, WP hosting is your best chance for a fast website.

Is WordPress Hosting Right for You?

The advantages of WordPress hosting are obvious. However, general web hosting providers also offer some fantastic packages today. Those can have some benefits that will outshine the better compatibility of WP-compatible exclusive servers.

If you aren’t sure whether you should use this service, answer the following questions:

  • Why are you building a WordPress website?
    If you are using this platform only for convenience and speed and don’t plan to have a lot to do with the website in the future, hosting won’t matter. WP hosting is the right choice when you want to use the platform to the fullest. It will also help your website to evolve with every update.
  • Do you want to get server maintenance in the package?
    WordPress hosting usually includes automatic updates and other maintenance services. These perks are often paid extras in regular web hosting or are included in more expensive plans.
  • Can you afford managed WordPress hosting?
    Basic shared web hosting plans are cheaper than managed WordPress hosting. If your budget is very limited, you will need to choose the cheapest option regardless of your wishes.
  • How well do you know WordPress?
    If you are a complete beginner, WP hosting will definitely help because so many things are pre-arranged. It also makes it easier to integrate different solutions and plugins to improve your WordPress website. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding at all if you use WP hosting and plugins.
  • Will you upload a lot of media content?
    Videos, images, and podcasts are all “heavy” files. Therefore, you’ll need hosting that offers good bandwidth as well as handy services like CDN and caching. WordPress hosting packages usually include those starting with basic plans.

Bottom Line: Tailored Solutions Offer Better Results

It’s true that web hosting packages can be extremely versatile and flexible. However, it’s also true that a tailored suit will always look better on your person compared to something off the rack. Therefore, it’s not mandatory to have WordPress hosting for a WP website. However, using this service package can be better for you. This hosting is developed and managed to meet the WordPress platform’s needs. This means that it will ensure the best website performance and uptime. Of course, you also shouldn’t forget about useful extra features that will make running a WP site even easier for you.

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