Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between
Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between

How Web Hosting and Email Marketing Unite for Online Success

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Web hosting and email marketing are two important integral components that significantly contribute to the success of an online business. They both involve the storing of information and sometimes, it might be easy to confuse them with each other.

Web hosting is responsible for storing website files on a server. This includes important media files such as videos, images, HTML, CSS, and scripts; all of which help increase your search engine rankings. Email hosting, on the other hand, stores all of your email data.

In this article, we will dive deeper into learning more about how email marketing and web hosting help make your business more successful.

Integrated online presence

Web hosting is the main service that any site owner will use for their website. It can either build or ruin your website’s success and existence on the internet. It allows your site to be searched and indexed by search engines like Google. The more people access your site, the more space you have for making them potential customers.

Web hosting makes sure that your website is available 24/7. A website that is well-hosted is the backbone of your online presence and allows customers to browse through your site at any time, reducing downtimes as much as possible.

After all, web downtimes negatively affect your site rankings, and this turns into long-term losses of traffic, weeks and months after it occurs.

On the other hand, we have email marketing that is used for communicating and sharing information online. We also have email hosting, which is responsible for sending and storing emails across the internet.

Combining email marketing and web hosting allows your site to stay up, and improve in rankings through your email marketing practices. Email marketing campaigns can only be set up once potential customers come and sign up for your email newsletter on your website. After they do that, you can now communicate with your customers to add value and promote your product and service.

Welcome emails are always a good way to start. You can create a welcome sequence workflow, and allow your users to know what to expect from you in the email. However, you need to find out more about what best fits your audience preferences.

Conversions and lead generation

Web hosting is great for allowing you to create web forms. A web form is a place where customers can enter their personal information to allow the server to process. In this case, it can be a name or email address that they can use to sign up for your email newsletter, or whenever they are ordering something from your website.

Marketers will use web forms for completing orders, collecting lead information, and keeping track of customer’s data. 74% of companies use web forms for lead generation, and consider it one of the highest forms of converting lead generation tools.

Moreover, we have email opt-ins and campaigns. Email marketing can leverage leads through opt-ins and campaigns. You can segment your email lists based on user behaviors and preferences, allowing targeted content to increase conversion rates.

The best practices you can implement while creating your email opt-in campaigns are:

  • Making sign-ups simple: You don’t want people leaving only because your sign-up phase was challenging. All you need is somebody to join your mailing list on your email, and avoid members needing to create an account, or provide information they don’t need to.
  • Let subscribers customize their subscriptions: Online users want as much control as possible. The more they can customize their preferences, the better it’ll be for them. Give them a chance to play around and customize their opt-in settings. This is done by allowing them to choose which type of information they want to share, and what types of emails they want to receive.
  • Ask for feedback: No business is perfect, but perfection is asking your customers for feedback. Your email marketing campaigns can significantly improve once you design emails around what your customers want.

The key here is to always send out emails that people want to read, and avoid sending email types that nobody is interested in.

Customer engagement

Good web hosting will support interactive elements on a website such as blogs, forums, and feedback forms that all contribute to customer engagement. Blogs are great ways to decrease bounce rates and keep customers staying on your website much longer. Especially if they are high-quality and informative, visitors will start to normally visit your site and read blogs.

The more time customers spend on your site, the higher your engagement rate will go and this will directly impact search engine rankings as well.

Another method used for increasing customer engagement is email newsletters and updates. As we mentioned before, give your customers the power to choose which type of emails they want to receive and allow them to follow the updates they want to hear.

This way, every time a new email comes from your side, you’ll know that your customers want to hear it. Your email newsletter is effective when you personalize it and send updates and promotions to your target audience. Avoid sending too many emails, or else your subscribers might feel like you are spamming them!

Personalization and targeting

Personalization is the key to improving the way you deliver your services to your customers. Roughly 70% of consumers want personalization as long as it involves the data they’ve shared with the business directly and not asking them for data they don’t wish to share.

The good thing about this is that web hosting services will allow you to use analytics tools that can track user behaviors. The type of behaviors your customers show when interacting with your website will give a better idea of how you can personalize user experiences.

Email personalization is best when it involves segmentations based on the user’s behavior, demographics, and preferences. This will allow you to create much more personalized email campaigns that fit in with your target audience.

36% of customers have an interest in purchasing a personalized product or service. Therefore, when you send them personalized emails, they’ll be more motivated to open them and thus, open rates will increase. If you send the wrong emails to the wrong audience, you won’t be too happy about your open rates.

E-commerce integration

Web hosting is highly important when it comes to e-commerce sites since it can secure transactions, data storage, and improve website performance. In this case, you’ll need to find an e-commerce hosting provider. Popular options include:

Always carefully choose your host provider, and make sure that the pricing plan fits their quality. Some host providers will offer you lower quality at higher prices. You don’t want this to happen and keep in mind that your hosting provider will also be responsible for how well your website performs and how secure your transactions are.

If you want the best security, extensibility, customizability and extra features from your web hosting provider, you should opt for VPS hosting. The best managed VPS hosting providers (that will do all the server work for you) are below:

HostCoupon/DiscountPrice Per Month (with discount)RAMCPU CoresStorageBandwidth24/7 SupportManagement LevelcPanel/WHM IncludedFull Root Access
Scala Hosting20% one time$122GB120GB SSD3000GBYesFully ManagedNoNo
KnownHost30% lifetime$352GB250GB SSD2000GBYesFully ManagedYesYes
SolaDrive25% lifetime$191GB225GB SSD1000GBYesFully ManagedNoYes
Cloudways10% off for 3 months or $30 Free Credits$91GB125GB SSD1000GBYesFully ManagedNoNo
HawkHost30% lifetime$141GB30GB SSD1500GBYesSemi ManagedNoYes
SkySilk$10 Free Credits$132GB130GB SSDUnlimitedYesFully ManagedNoYes
LinuxFox80% one-time$66GB3100GB SSD10000GBYesFully ManagedYesYes
InterServer50% off First Month$128GB4120GB SSD4000GBYesFully ManagedNoYes
iWebFusion$35 for the first month of KVM Pro Plus$3516GB2150GB SSD5000GBYesFully ManagedNoYes
DevrimsN/A$10.951GB115GB SSD1024GBYesFully ManagedNoNo

Moreover, we have transactional emails that are sent after an order is placed. These are order confirmation emails and shipping notifications. These emails are important for building customer trust and improving their experience.

In other words, transactional emails serve as a confirmation email that your customer placed an order. They can significantly improve customer retention and ensure that your customers turn into long-term ones.

Customer support and feedback

Through web hosting, you can include contact forms, and live chats for customer support and inquiries. Live chats are used when you include chatbots on your website. They are powered by Machine-learning (ML) capabilities and are available 24/7. Nearly 90% of consumers claimed to have at least one interaction with a chatbot last year.

Chatbots are becoming the backbone of customer support and are almost included in every website you visit. The good thing about chatbots is that they are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and won’t ever get tired of completing repetitive tasks. As for humans, we don’t have the power to work 24/7 and to do the same task without making a mistake.

After that, you can send feedback emails. Ask your customers how they would rate your customer support services and what you can improve.

Web hosting and email marketing together make a business more successful

To sum it all up, integrating web hosting and email marketing helps you create your ideal online strategy, making your targeting efforts and web presence much stronger than it would be without them.

Businesses that take advantage of good web hosting strategies can improve their online visibility, engage with their audience on a deeper level, and do good in a competitive market. It’s your choice now to choose which web hosting platform you are going to go with, and to set up the email marketing strategy you think best fits your business.

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