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Linux, Web Hosting, and Everything Else in Between

Using Proxies for Email Protection

Using Proxies for Email Protection

Web proxies have been around for some time now. They can be used in many different ways and come with lots of variety. Even so, many businesses and professionals still don’t understand what they are about. Before we get into that, let’s first explain what proxies are.

Proxies are web servers that act as gateways between the internet user and the address they interact with. Simply put, when you connect online using a proxy, all of the information goes through the proxy before reaching its final destination.

Proxies act on behalf of the user – they are the buffer zone between you and the internet. But what actually happens when you go online, and how is it different when using proxies? Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Technology Behind Proxies

All computers online have their own unique IP addresses. Similarly to the addresses we have in the real world, each device online must have its own address. That’s how websites and other services know where they need to deliver some data.

A proxy is a separate computer server that also has an IP. When you make a web request, you send it to a proxy, and it makes the request to the targeted website instead of you. At the same time, the site doesn’t know who is the source of the request.

The proxy then collects the response, checks it, and sends the data back to the user. The data sent to you can be changed in different ways by the proxy. It can be encrypted and filtered to offer better protection.

The Business Application of Proxies

Proxies can be used by both individuals and businesses. However, companies can get greater benefits out of them and use them in many different ways. There are several ways companies are already using proxies. Here are some of them.

For Improving their security

Cybersecurity is a major issue today for both small and large companies. Every company does some business online because it just makes things easier. However, any data breach can cost a business a lot. It can jeopardize customer information, cause financial loss, and destroy the image of the business.

Since proxies hide IP addresses and give more privacy, companies can use it to reinforce their security. At the same time, they can protect their emails, which are one of the primary focuses of cyberattacks with phishing.

Balancing Traffic

Company websites can go down when they have a lot of traffic, losing who knows how much money on missed sales. Proxy servers can ensure this doesn’t happen through peering and cloud storage. Simply put, a proxy service provider can help store your content and traffic through multiple servers.

That way, you’ll be able to handle more traffic and requests. At the same time, all the servers are balanced so that there’s no site overload.

Web Scraping

Many companies rely on web scraping, which helps them gather important information online very quickly. However, sites block scrapers and prevent companies from doing this. Proxy servers can change addresses and unblock locked content to give unlimited scrapping.

Email Protection and Proxies

Since proxies are the first in line when you receive traffic or requests from the web, they can stop any potential email threats. They can help to recognize malicious messages, fake IP addresses, and spam email.

Additionally, some proxy server providers can detect malicious links within messages and prevent them from being sent to you. Even if someone from your business clicks on a malicious email, the hacker won’t be able to track your IP or get into your system as the proxy gives you anonymity and privacy.

In other words, they would be able to reach the proxy, but not your devices. That’s what makes them so effective for email protection. It gives you full control over your traffic, and you can even assign addresses you want to block. If you’re interested in proxies for email protection, we suggest checking Oxylabs’ website for more information.

Issues with Email Protection and its Importance

Companies worldwide rely on email to communicate internally, with their clients, and among themselves. That’s why they need to prevent anyone from eavesdropping on their conversations.

At the same time, they need to protect themselves from phishing attacks posing as clients. Numbers show that there’s still a lot of phishing attacks every year. It’s a common threat that needs to be faced head-on with proper email protection practices.


Email protection is an essential part of online security. It’s one of the most commonly used channels by companies, so if you want to prevent serious damages to your business, consider using a web proxy. Your whole bottom line and business growth depend on it.

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